I Can, You Can, We Can Fly!

I Can, You Can, We Can Fly!

Welcome to Vukani Aviation.

Vukani Aviation trains and assists young South Africans to become professional pilots. We strive to set the standard of excellence among the country’s aviation organisations. Furthermore, we strive to make our aviation training programme the model education and development system, providing sustainable employment and economic development opportunities for today’s young people and the future generation.

At Vukani Aviation we also provide a safe, reliable and fast aircraft charter service. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent travel experience that includes superior services from our professional aviation crew.

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Vukani Aviation News

Vukani's First Group of Cadets Goes Solo!

The first group of Vukani Cadets is taking the Sky by Storm! After a successful 2 months in PPL ground school, the 18 studentsstarted their flying recently.

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Vukani Aviation Buys SAFTA

As part of Vukani Aviation Commitment to transformation, The company decided to buy a flying school…

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Getting Started – Flying 101

We soar when we can help our clients reach their flying dreams. Let’s fly together. Click here to learn more about us and how we can assist you.

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Motivating, young aspiring aviators to soar to new heights!